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Chairman Message

-- Siddhi Post Graduation College Sagwara --

Dear Students,

First of all, Thanks for visit website and welcome to Siddhi PG College Sagwara. Education plays a vital role in changing lives. Therefore, the choice of an institution is a crucial one impacting the future. While recruiting fresh candidates, companies look for people with a good grasp of fundamentals, domain knowledge, and enabling competencies like effective communications with a wholesome personality, commitment and the right attitudes. At Siddhi PG College, we inspire and motivate students to become adventurous and brave explorers, not afraid to take risks, eager to tread on new paths and make new friends. We nurture them into learners who are tough in spirit but flexible in mind, into goal setters who pursue their dreams and shape their ambitions with single minded purpose but who achieve these in an abundantly joyful, liberal and boundary less ambience. 

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. "

-- Chairman


Gaureshwer Road, Teh. Sagwara
Dist. Dungarpur, Rajasthan
PIN: 314025


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